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What apps can I use the templates with?

While the templates are designed for optimal viewing on an iPad screen, you can read your notebook or planner with a PDF annotation tool on any model of computer and any size smartphone or tablet.

On what devices can I use the notebooks, planners and stickers?

The apps Notability and GoodNotes are highly recommended.

​Also, most PDF annotation programmes can be used with our templates. Some very popular programmes are:

– Xodo

– Noteshelf

– ZoomNotes

– PDF Viewer

Can the digital notebooks and planners be printed?

The templates are designed for tablets, so you may need to change the print options to fit the page to your preferred paper size. The planner or notebook are designed to look and work best on screens. Therefore, it is not recommended that you print the finished product.

​We also sell printable notebooks. They are designed for standard paper sizes and the background is white to save ink.

How are files unzipped?

Certain zip files can be difficult for a tablet to open if they are huge. You can export the files to the device after first unzipping them on a computer. If you contact us, we can provide you with the unzipped files.

How do I deal with the error when I try to import the template into Goodnotes?

When downloading and importing files via Chrome, you occasionally experience a redirection issue. You can fix this issue by switching to Safari. 

How do I use the digital stickers?

1. In the Files window, click the “Individual PNG Files” folder.

2. Locate the sticker you want and drag it into the note app.

3. Adjust the size and arrangement if necessary.

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