2024 digital planner

Free 2024 Digital Planner

Organize your life with our free 2024 digital Planner designed for GoodNotes and Notability on tablets using a PDF annotation app. Plan your day, track goals, and manage creative projects effortlessly with our templates.

Free version

Free Boho Planner for 2024

This free boho-style digital planner for 2024 has a monthly page, a weekly page and a daily page for each month. It also features a project manager, a challenge manager and a notebook with 4 note papers to help you plan your whole year!

Premium Pack

2024-2025 Planner Set

Discover all versions via the download dashboard of our digital planner 2024-2025. Choose between landscape/portrait, light/dark mode, Sunday/Monday start and enjoy free covers and stickers for personalization.

Why our digital planner 2024

This innovative planner is more than just a tool, it’s a comprehensive solution that improves your daily, weekly and monthly planning.

What’s new?

Our download dashboard gives you seamless access to all planner options and freebies.

  • Portrait mode: Portrait mode allows you to make your digital planning more versatile and cater to different preferences.
  • Monday start version: Customize your week to start on a Monday with our new Monday start version that allows for more personalized planning.
  • 1000+ stickers: Unleash your creativity with an extensive collection of over 1000 stickers to personalize your planner pages.
  • 8 covers for both modes: With our eight stylish covers, you can easily switch between portrait and landscape format so your planner reflects your unique style.
  • Free 2023 planners: As a bonus, you’ll get free access to our 2023 planners, which increase the usefulness and value of your digital planning tool.
  • Over 650 linked pages: The more than 650 linked pages make it easy for you to switch between sections and keep track of what you are reading.
  • 3000+ Hyperlinks: Enjoy the hyperlinks in your planner that provide quick access to important sections and information.
  • Dated: The dated pages help you keep track of your goals.
  • Minimalist style: A clean and minimalist design allows you to focus on your content without distractions.

The convenience of our download dashboard extends to all files and freebies. Get unlimited access to:

  • Landscape or portrait format
  • Light or dark mode
  • Sunday start or Monday start version
  • Free covers and stickers
  • 2023 Planner
  • User manual

Explore a variety of sections, from yearly overviews, monthly plans and weekly overviews to daily planning pages, an entertainment journal, a favorite page, goal planning and a customizable notebook with 10 sections.

In embracing the future of planning, our 2024 Digital Planner redefines the way you organize, create, and achieve your goals. Where organization meets innovation and creativity knows no bounds, welcome to a planner that transcends expectations. Elevate your planning game with the 2024 Digital Planner – your key to a more organized and inspired life!

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