2025 + 2024 Free Digital Planner

2024 digital planner

Free 2025 + 2024 Digital Planner

Made for GoodNotes & Notability, this planner empowers you to plan your days, manage goals, and master projects seamlessly on your tablet! Download it now!

Simplify Your Planning with our FREE Digital Planner!

Featuring a clean, minimalist design, it packs all the essentials for seamless annual planning:

  • Effortless Organization: Stay on top with monthly, weekly, and daily planner pages.
  • Customizable Daily Planning: Flexible layout lets you design your perfect day with ample space for notes and goals.
  • Never Run Out of Space: Duplicate any page with ease, ensuring endless room for your ideas and plans.

Bonus Features:

  • Index for quick navigation
  • Annual calendar and yearly overview
  • Notepapers for versatile digital note-taking

Upgrade to Pro 2024-2025 Planner
2024 digital planner

2024 + 2025 Digital Planner Bundle

Save big on your 2024 & 2025 planning with this bundle deal.


∙ 680+ Hyperlinked Pages: Seamless navigation through the planner.

∙ 3000+ Hyperlinks: Effortlessly jump between sections and planners.

∙ Dated Layout: Stay organized with pre-filled dates.

∙ Minimalist Style: Simple and elegant design for a clear focus.

Files & Contents:

∙ Download Dashboard: Access to all versions, covers, stickers and the user guide.

∙ Multiple Layout Options: Choose between landscape/portrait, light/dark and Monday/Sunday start.

∙ Yearly, Monthly, & Weekly Planning: Comprehensive organization tools.

∙ Project & Challenge Manager: Sections for setting goals.

∙ Entertainment Journal: Track movies, TV shows and books.

∙ Notebook & Bonus Templates: Customize your planning experience.

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