Blue Digital Notebook 2002 -1

Digital Notebook PDF for Goodnotes Cornell Notes Template

4.90 $

Digital Notebook PDF for Goodnotes Cornell Notes Template

4.90 $
Digital Notebook Leather 2003-1

Digital Notebook PDF for Goodnotes Cornell Notes Template Tartan

4.90 $

With 12 chapters and 10 sections per chapter, this digital notebook offers endless uses, from journals to study notebooks and annual planners. And with our add-ons, you can use it more easily.

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∙ 120 chapters for maximum usage

∙ Realistic paper texture for eye comfort

∙ 40 paper templates to help arrange page structure

∙ 4 planner papers for annual planning

∙ Free stickers in matching colors



∙ 181 hyperlinked pages

∙ 12 tabs / 12 chapters / 120 sections

∙ 40 different notepaper templates

∙ 4 planner pages

∙ 3 covers

∙ 4 textures: 5mm dotted, 5mm grid, 10mm lined, blank

∙ 30 stickers


This digital notebook is an excellent tool for staying organized and managing important tasks, with features designed to help you set goals and take meeting notes. Its easy-to-use navigation includes clickable tabs, making it effortless to find what you need quickly. The notebook’s digital paper provides a realistic writing experience, and with 12 chapters and 120 sections, you can record almost everything.


To help with life planning, we also provide four planner pages – a to-do list, daily planner, weekly planner, and monthly planner – that you can duplicate as many times as you need. With its comprehensive set of features, this digital notebook is perfect for note-taking and life planning. Additionally, the notebook comes with bonus covers and digital stickers to personalize your note-taking experience.



For personal use only.

May not be resold, copied, distributed, modified, shared.


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