Free Digital Notebook for GoodNotes on Tablet

free digital notebook

This digital notebook has four tabs and four different note paper templates, consisting of three light-mode pages and one dark-mode page. You can copy any page as many times as you need.


∙ For PDF annotation app on tablet

∙ 4 tabs / 4 chapters

∙ 4 section break page

∙ 4 different notepaper templates

∙ 1 cover

∙ 4 textures: 5mm dotted, 5mm grid, 10mm lined, blank

Before you start: Here are some questions you might ask.

What is a digital notebook?

It is a PDF document that can be hand-written, annotated, marked up, and made notes on in a PDF annotation APP, such as Goodnotes and Notability etc. To use it, you have to install the apps first.

On what devices can I use the digital notebook?

While the digital notebook is designed for optimal viewing on an iPad screen, you can read your planner with a PDF annotation tool on any model of computer and any size smartphone or tablet.

What apps can I use the digital notebook with?

The apps Notability and GoodNotes are highly recommended.​

Also, most PDF annotation programmes can be used with our templates. Some very popular programmes are:

– Xodo

– Noteshelf

– ZoomNotes

– PDF Viewer

Can the digital notebook be printed?

The notebook is designed to look and work best on screens. Therefore, it is not recommended that you print it.

You can purchase our printable products that are designed for standard paper sizes. Their background is white to save ink.

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