Vintage Digital 5 Minute Journal PDF for Goodnotes

2.50 $

Vintage Digital 5 Minute Journal for PDF Annotation App: Undated, Hyperlinked Pages, Including Monthly Reflections, Daily Pages, Bonus Notepaper Templates, Free Vintage Stickers.



∙ For PDF Annotation App

∙ Fully Hyperlinked Pages

∙ Undated – Reuse Year After Year



∙ Yearly Reflection

∙ Monthly Reflection

∙ 366 Daily Page

∙ 20 Bonus Notepaper Templates

∙ Over 1000 Free Vintage Digital Stickers



1 PDF Files

1000+ PNGs


This beautifully designed journal combines the charm of vintage aesthetics with the convenience of modern technology. With fully hyperlinked pages, you can easily navigate through the journal and effortlessly annotate your PDFs. The best part? It’s undated, allowing you to reuse it year after year. Inside, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of reflection pages, including yearly and monthly reflections, along with 366 daily pages to capture your thoughts and experiences. Additionally, we’ve included 20 bonus notepaper templates to cater to your diverse needs. As a delightful bonus, enjoy over 1000 free vintage digital stickers to add a touch of whimsy and personality to your journaling experience.


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